Management Model Design

  Making management work for you.
Management as competitive advantage

Watch Raymond's presentation at the Nordic Business Forum speaker contest finals and learn how management can be your best source of competitive advantage - if you get your management model right.

See how the Management Model Canvas© can help you design great management models and how 

​companies like Ritz Carlton, Greyston Bakery and Apple base their success on good management.

(Video: Nordic Business Forum)

Discovery Workshop

Learn how to describe your current management model and gain clarity on its strengths and weaknesses. 

During this 4-hour workshop you’ll map your current management model and describe it on a single page using our revolutionary tool, the Management Model Canvas©. The clarity thus gained will lead to immediate insights on your model’s strength and weaknesses and allow you to see your organisation’s performance in a whole new light. Is your management model a good fit for your business model?

A revolutionary way to help management enable human accomplishment

Management model design will help you and your team...​

  • a managment model that's fit for purpose

  • ...learn how to think about management in your specific context

  • ...clarify how your organisation functions and how it can improve

  • ...use good management theory to improve performance and get better results

  • ...use design and experimentation to make step-by-step improvements without the need for large-scale change programs 

Business model and management model join forces

Just as organisations need a sound business model to be successful, they also need a well-designed management model. While the business model describes how an organisation creates and delivers value to customers, the management model describes how the work of management gets done. 

The work of management, of course, is to build an organisation capable of exploiting its current business model while at the same time innovating future business models. The management model describes how an organisation uses the social technology of management to that end. To serve customers well. Now and in the future.

Now in 𝞫eta. Stay tuned for next steps

Management Model Design is currently in beta. During this phase we'll gradually extend our offering to reach a wider audience. If our current offering is not quite for you yet, be sure to check back often as we introduce additional ways to learn about and use Management Model Design. 


We'll also provide opportunities for you to contribute and help us put the final polish on our methodology and tooling before the full public launch later this year.


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