Discovery Workshop

Learn how to describe your current management model and gain clarity on its strengths and weaknesses

Our core team members Guido Bosbach and Lukas Michel are happy to guide you through a half day of mapping your current management model

What you will learn

During this 4-hour workshop you’ll map your current management model and describe it on a single page using our revolutionary tool, the Management Model Canvas©. The clarity thus gained will lead to immediate insights on your model’s strength and weaknesses and allow you to see your organisation’s performance in a whole new light. Is your management model a good fit for your business model?

Questions we’ll address to gain this clarity

  • Why does your organisation exist and how is this reflected in what you want to achieve in the market?

  • Who needs to contribute what in your organisation and how do you collaborate to make the whole bigger than the sum of its parts?

  • How do you balance execution (delivering value to customers today) and innovation (figuring out how you’ll deliver value in the future)?

  • Where does innovation come from?

  • What are the capabilities that set your organisation apart from its competition? How do you hone and strengthen these capabilities?

  • How do you sense the need for change and how do you design and scale change in your organisation?

  • How does your organisation make decisions? Is this consistent with your strategy?

  • How do we get the best out of our people? What role do leaders play in this?

  • What guides our management practices in all these areas? Which theories, beliefs and models drive our thinking? 

  • How do you share resources in your organisation? How do you grow those resources?

Benefits for you and your organisation 

  • Clarity: your current management model mapped on one page

  • Insights: initial ideas for how management can improve and help make your organisation more successful

  • Language: you’ll learn a language to help describe, challenge and improve your management model

  • Conversation: you’ll start a meaningful conversation on how management helps create value in your organisation and are equipped to continue this conversation in the future

  • Learning: you’ll learn how to think about management in the context of your organisation and lay the foundation to turn management into a competitive advantage

Who should apply

This workshop is primarily targeted at senior leaders and their management teams who want to better understand how the practice of management drives performance in their organisations. People in staff functions charged with organisational development, strategy, innovation or leadership development may also benefit.


The workshop can accommodate 2-7 participants. Participants should be from the same organisation, ideally working together on the same management team. The workshop works for C-level, divisional and functional leadership teams alike. 


Consultants may also apply, together with a client team or just by themselves.

What you'll get

  • Workshop documentation, including your mapped management model

  • Right to use the Management Model Canvas© for your own purposes

  • 30min follow-up video conference within 4 weeks of the workshop to discuss any additional questions you may have

Pricing & logistics

  • EUR 2900.00

  • Workshop to be held on client premises

  • Offer valid in continental Europe and UK, terms and conditions for client workshops apply

  • For inquiries from outside Europe, please get in touch with us, we’ll do our best to together find a solution that is attractive for you while also taking into account the significantly higher travel time and cost involved for us​

Workshop agenda

  • Introduction to management model design (15min)

    • Why management as we know it isn’t working

    • How carefully designed management models help solve the problem

  • The Management Model Canvas© (30min)

    • Overview and building blocks

    • Canvas dynamics

    • Case studies and examples

  • Mapping your current management model (135min)

  • Review and reflection (30min)

    • Key strengths and weaknesses

    • Conclusions for how to improve management in your organisation

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