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Management Model Design at the Nordic Business Forum

The Nordic Business Forum has quickly become one of the world's most significant business conferences. The 2018 main conference will be held September 26-27 in Helsinki, Finland.

Photo Credit: Nordic Business Forum

This year, they're doing something special: the Nordic Business Forum is holding a Speaker Sourcing Contest. In their own words: "The Nordic Business Forum is looking for a game changer, hosting a new contest to find individuals with fresh perspectives and management ideas, and give them a platform to speak."

The winner will join the the Nordic Business Forum 2018 speaker lineup, alongside Barack Obama, Lindsey Vonn, Don Tapscott, Gary Hamel, Susan Cain and many more.

We thought that Management Model Design certainly is a fresh perspective on management and has the potential to become a game changer.

So our co-founder Raymond entered the contest and... ...ended up making it all the way to the finals, to be held on August 15, in Stockholm, Sweden! If you happen to be in the area, you can register to be part of the audience here. It's free of charge and you'll get an afternoon of six inspiring, TED-like talks of 15mins each. There will also be a live stream of the event for those who prefer watching remotely.

Would be great to have some of the growing Management Model Design community join and show their support for the speakers, as well as for the Nordic Business Forum's initiative!

Below are a few impressions from the Oslo qualifying round on June 5, at which Raymond was speaking. We are not allowed to share the presentation video until after the finals, but we will certainly make it available as soon as we can. So stay tuned!

Photo Credits: Nordic Business Forum

Also, here's a the Nordic Business Forum's news announcement after the Oslo qualifier, as well as a short summary of all the presentations.


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