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Management (not leadership) as competitive advantage

(Photos: Nordic Business Forum)

That was the title of my speech at the Nordic Business Forum Speaker Sourcing Contest Finals in Stockholm on August 15.

Even though I didn’t win (I ended up in 2nd place), I am more than happy with the result. The contest forced me to be much more succinct in explaining the why, what and how of management model design. And together with the fantastic coaching I got as a finalist I am now able to tell a much better story. Add to that the valuable audience feedback and you have an unbeatable mix of learning, excitement and results!

Below is the video of my presentation at the finals. It starts with contrasting the potential of good management with the sad reality we find in so many organisations today. In trying to explain why that is, I put forward the hypothesis that managers don’t know what their job is. Yet simply pointing our fingers at managers is far too easy - and certainly not helpful. We need to help managers and organisations improve the practice of management. Of course that’s where management model design comes in. I explain the concept of management models and close with examples of organisations who “get it”. Organisations that made their management models the foundation for success. And yes, along the way I also make the case that management includes, but is also far bigger than leadership.

(Video: Nordic Business Forum)

I hope you enjoy the video. And I would love to get your critical feedback (email me) to help me further improve the story!

Thank you, Nordic Business Forum, for creating this wonderful contest and with it a platform for us contestants to share our ideas and learn.


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